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We invite you to enter Zeka Salon & Spa, your premier hair salon and day spa in Kenmore & Mill Creek. From the instant you enter our establishments to the moment you depart, our specialists will ensure that your needs are fully attended, whatever they may be. Our services include men's, women's and children haircuts, balayage, hair coloring, highlights, skin care, facials, waxing & sugaring services.

With over 35 years of experience, you can trust the experts at Zeka Salon & Spa to deliver the professional service you deserve. To explore our trendy, friendly day spa and hair salon, please contact us or visit our establishment, today.

Brazilian Waxing
Men's Grooming Services
Sugaring Hair Removal
Skin Care
Facials & Micozones
Treatments & Peels
    • Haircuts
    • Hair Coloring & Highlights
    • Balayage & Ombre
    • Fashion Shades
    • Smoothing Services
    • Special Event Styling
    • Perms

We Carry the Following Products:

Lanza - Aveda - Kevin Murphy - Loma - Brazilian Blowout - Dermalogica

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Meet our Staff

  • Nancy Zeka

    A GREAT TEAM is the backbone of any business, and my TEAM is the BEST! Education is a BIG part of our culture as it is for each and every one of our Team. Seeing their growth, both personally and professionally, is what continues to motivate me to be the best for them.

  • Christina Dukes
    Manager/Guest Relations

    I love being a part of our awesome team and the creativity behind finding new ways to promote the salon to make us #1. I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry and I enjoy seeing the girls create beautiful hair and skin. Plus our clients are the best….just sayin’.

  • Navid
    Guest Relations/Social Media

    I am honored to have a chance to be a part of this incredible salon. The staff at Zeka inspires me and are always motivating me to get my cosmetology license so I can be part of this beautiful industry.

  • Rachel
    Hairstylist - 1 Year

    I chose hairstyling because it fascinated me with how diverse it is, and I love enhancing natural beauty and making people feel good about themselves. I am thankful for all the knowledge I gain everyday whether it be from a class, clients, or co-workers.

  • Annissa
    Hairstylist/Retail Coordinator - 2 Years

    Making people feel good from the inside out is extremely inspiring, as well as being able to customize a look that helps them express themselves and to fit their lifestyle. Zeka provides me with the educational opportunities so I can better myself and be able to pass that knowledge to my clients.

  • Judy
    Hairstylist - 8 Years

    I love to design and create, and that sense of gratification I get when I see my ideas come to life is why I chose this industry. Working one on one with clients, I can deliver personalized services that accentuate their individuality and bring them joy. What’s better than that?

  • Monique
    Hairstylist/Manager - 7 Years

    I didn’t choose the stylist life, the stylist life chose me. The connection and bonds that I have built with my clients has everything to do with trust. Trust in me to make them feel beautiful each and every time they leave my chair.

  • Kendra
    Hairstylist/Lash Extension Artist - 1 Year

    “Do something that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. There are no boundaries to my creativity, and I take pride on making people feel amazing and recognize that I have the ability to change someone’s day in just a short amount of time.

  • Kim
    Hairstylist - 9 Years

    I enjoy that I can be creative in my work with the freedom and flexibility that it allows me in my business and personal life. But being a hairstylist has more meaning than to just make someone pretty. It’s about personal growth, taking care of one another, and building relationships with my clients and team.

  • Alix
    Hairstylist - 27 Years

    Every day I go to work I have the opportunity to make someone smile or feel amazing about themselves, and every day is challenging, fresh, and rewarding for me. The friendships I’ve created with clients and co-workers are a significant part of what has kept me in this industry for 27 years.

  • Camille
    Hairstylist - 35 Years

    Bio Coming Soon ...

  • Janet
    Hairstylist - 43 Years

    The ability to form lasting, personal relationships with a wide variety of people is paramount to why I love being a hairstylist. Working at Zeka is always an exchange of ideas and has kept me in touch with the younger generation as well as enriching the lives of the elderly.

  • Celia
    Esthetician - 5 Years

    I always felt amazing after leaving a spa and wanted to make other people feel that way too. Monotony does not exist in this industry. Science and nature are always working together and changing how we do things in esthetics, which allows me to always find better solutions to my client’s needs.

  • Zhenya
    Esthetician - 4 Years

    When a client almost cries from happiness after getting their service done, not only is it instant job gratification, but I feel like I’m giving back. It’s very rewarding to see someone’s face light up. Being from Russia, Zeka is like a home away from home. Love all my glamorous, fabulous, beautiful Zeka girls!

Beauty Insights From Our Stylists

Learn how to look your best with these tips!

  • History of Baths and Spas

    For as long as there have been towns and cities, public baths have been available to provide people with a place to get clean, relax and enjoy other health benefits. Public baths were not just about staying clean, though. These spaces allowed people to socialize and stay connected with others in their ...

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  • The History of Cosmetics

    Cosmetics have been used for at least 6,000 years to cover up blemishes, enhance beauty and as an extension of the personality. Some evidence even suggests that natural pigments may have been used as makeup over 100,000 years ago. Ancient Times to Renaissance In Ancient Egypt people used balms made ...

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  • What to do if You Break a Nail

    If you have nails, no matter how short or long, they have broken. It is an unavoidable reality for us all. So how do you treat a broken nail. We’ll provide you with some valuable tips that will help you deal with a break, but first let’s look at why nails break in the first place. Why Nails Break There ...

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  • Tools of the Nail Trade

    If you’ve sat in a chair at a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, you will notice your nail technician is armed with a box or tray full of tools. What’s that whatchamacallit, doohickey, doodad, thingamabob, thingamajig? You know what they do—or at least you think you do—but you may be clueless ...

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  • Treating a Scalp Sunburn

    Spending time outdoors, especially if you are active, can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you are outside when the sun is out, you need to protect your skin, and that also means the skin on the top of your head. Too much exposure to the sun, without adequate protection may increase your risk ...

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  • How to Properly Wash Your Face

    Most people establish their face washing habits when they’re teens, and then never give it another thought. But maybe it’s time to reexamine this basic beauty ritual. The way you wash your face can make a difference in your skin’s health and appearance. Here are face washing best practices, as ...

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  • "I'm in love with everything about Zeka Salon & Spa! It's such a welcoming, fun, and relaxing environment."
    Kayla, Kenmore, WA
  • "They did our entire bridal party on the day of our wedding. Both the ladies and the gentlemen had a great time being pampered and everyone looked like a million bucks!"
    Sean, Kenmore, WA
  • "The stylists at Zeka Salon & Spa are simply the best. I've been a client for 10 years and will never go anywhere else."
    Emily, Kenmore, WA