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Highlights, Balayage & Ombre

Ombre & Beylage ImageWe offer a variety of options for hair highlights, including our specialties Balayage and Ombré.

Balayage is a form of hair highlighting which produces a gradient effect, resulting in a very natural or dramatic appearance. The word originates from French, meaning to "sweep" or "paint," and the technique allows for soft, natural looks which are normally found only in children's hair.

Ombré produces a gradual change from one hue of hair color to another. An example of this gradient would be hair that is dark at the tips, slowly changing to light at the roots. The specifics of Ombré vary widely, and we can tailor the effect to your preferences.

To explore the benefits of these techniques and give your hair the natural and/or gradient appearance it deserves, please contact us or visit Zeka Salon & Spa, today. Our specialists are eager to show you the amazing results of Balayage and Ombré.

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